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From Some Friends…

I have known Lee for many years. He is a true spiritual dad in my life who has always cared and looked out for the best for me, and I see he does this with everybody. I have been to his trainings and classes and learned so much. But just hanging out with him and being his friend, so much of what he has, just seems to have rubbed off on me. Being around Lee has transformed me to having such a passion for the Father.

I have been able to take what I gleamed off of Lee’s life and use it in my own life and ministry. Currently I am blessed to work with inmates in our correctional institute and so much of what I learned from Lee, I get to use. Each week I prophesy over the group and so often I get to prophesy over each man individually. Not only do I get to do this, but I get to teach each man how to do this. Again hanging with Lee, I learned to always be teaching. Lee has taught me many things that I am able to pass on. Many of these men implement this into their own lives and when they are released they are changed men with a passion in their lives.

Thanks Lee!
Mike Kohler
Springfield, VT

I met Lee at Village Church when I began taking classes at Catalyst School of Transformation in 2012. I can honestly say that being under his and Marks’ teaching, has changed me. Lee has been consistent in his message of the Finished Work of Christ and has challenged my belief system. His prophetic words and counsel have helped me go deeper in my understanding of Jesus and what it means to live in a new covenant. God is using Lee to shift many mindsets that have been formed from years of religious upbringing here in New England. I believe there is a great ripple effect that is flowing out from the ministry with which he’s involved. Those he pours into on a daily basis truly are learning to discover who they are in Christ and will bring the message of grace not only to their community but all over the world. I am forever thankful to have met him.

Kate Saari Ketola
Wildfire NE Transformation School
Rindge, NH

My wife Kathie and I have known Lee for four years now and he has become one of our spiritual mentors/Fathers to us both since that first time we met.

Lee carries a sensitive and unique prophetic gifting that first attracted us to him. He is able to use his gift to blend in and work with, pastors and other five-fold leaders in a way that unites people instead of dividing them. People want to hang out with Lee because he is so caring and loving towards others.

We love how he integrates himself into the local church body with honor and welcomes input to any words or counsel he has given. His main concern in edifying or exhorting a person/church is that they would be challenged to become more like Jesus.

Charles Saari & Kathie Saari – Sr. Leaders
Freedom Fellowship at the BARN
Gates Of Freedom
New Ipswich, NH

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